Java Applets for High School Physics Education

by multimedia physics

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  1. Animation
    Wave Interference
    Animation of Interference Pattern Formed by Two Points Sources.
  2. Simulation
    Equation of motion
    Equation of motion. (Force and movement.)
    Kepler Motion(1)
    Simple Kepler Motion.
    Kepler Motion(2)
    Simple Kepler Motion. (Floating Controller Type)
    Wave Machine
    Reflection of Wave from a Boundary.
    Longitudinal Wave
    Reflection of Longitudinal Wave from a Boundary
    Wave Generator
    Generate Sine Wave(Sound)
  3. Presentation
    Tramsverse wave and Longitudinal wave
    Tramsverse wave and Longitudinal wave.
    Circular motion and Simple harmonic motion
    Circular motion and Simple harmonic motion.
    Image by the concave mirror and convex mirror.
    The thick lens
    The focal point of the thick lens.
    Convex Lens
    Virtual Image and Real Image.
    Concave Lens
    The image by the concave lens.
    The rainbow
    The rainbow.
    Additive Color.
    Electric Field
    Electric Field.
  4. Others(Not Java)
  5. 1m/s marble shooter
    1m/s marble shooter by milk package.

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